Living in Northern Ireland

Living in Northern Ireland comes with some great features, we go further in detail what it is to live in this beautiful place.

Northern Ireland is a province plagued with a lot of bad history. This city became my home for quite some time. A region with some bloody history on its hands. This history is nowadays not easy to notice anymore. The area is relatively peaceful, with some minor issues in Belfast just once in a while. I think it is an excellent place to live in the UK. A lot of times, it gets confused and feels that it is part of the Republic of Ireland; however, it’s part of the United Kingdom. One of the most famous places of this remarkable place to live is Giant’s causeway, which must be one of the northern Irish proud. It’s also a place where you can enjoy Ireland’s natural beauty. It is an area with many green lands, but not just that; it also has some incredible mountains. The coastline is beautiful and has some lovely beaches.

Cost of living in Northern Ireland

One of the reasons why this province is so great is the relatively cheap cost of living in Northern Ireland. Someone can easily live in this tiny country with a total of 1000 pounds per month. Of course, this will not make a living in Northern Ireland very pleasant, but someone can get by with this salary. If you don’t mind living a bit outside of Belfast, you can easily cut costs heavily. If you are in a very tight spot, you can also opt to share the flat or house with other people, so you can easily live in Belfast while still keeping your costs low; this seems to be one of the most frequently chosen options for ex-pats. If you love visiting restaurants and going out without relying on long taxi rides, staying in Belfast will be your best bet. Pubs and restaurants are to be found all over the center of Belfast. If you are looking for a cheaper option, the best thing to do is live outside the city center. Many areas around Belfast are charming and will allow you to save money on rent, but there is also an abundance of public transportation options if you don’t mind taking a bus or train instead of a taxi

Northern Ireland's capital

Belfast is the national capital and a very catholic city. It’s the capital city of Ulster and the center close to the sea, with a titanic museum and its own money (Ulster currency). The town has a friendly vibe. If you want to go for a drink or grab a nice meal, you will always find a place that would gladly serve you some tasty food. Belfast has a dark past, as we earlier already talked about. Once in a while, when walking across the street, you will see some heavily armored policemen when a march is happening that is advertised or any Northern Irish tradition that can create a commotion. A lavish train runs through the country and is easily accessible. The train is called Translink; you can quickly request a card and access the network, including all ulster buses. The county has some coasts and also its government and a university. The city consists of around 350.000 people. As Belfast is part of the United Kingdom, the NHS is the healthcare system used, which means free primary healthcare. This is an excellent aspect for many ex-pats. If you have asthma or diabetes, it can be a massive difference for you. A city is a vibrant place, with many different neighborhoods and colorful history. The people are friendly and welcoming, which makes it an excellent place for ex-pats to live. If you have the chance to visit Belfast, you should do so!

Education in Northern Ireland

Belfast has a great university called Queen’s University, Belfast. The university was founded in 1845 and, since then, has grown into a respected university ranked 85th in the world and has 13 subjects in the top 200 in the world (QS World University Rankings 2022). Three of those subjects are in the World Top 100 (QS World Rankings by subject 2022), Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Nursing and Performing Arts. The university has over 3,500 international students from 80 different countries. The university ranks 17th worldwide for global outlook (Times Higher Education World University Rankings, 2022). The university has significant rankings when it comes to research, 1st in the UK for Agriculture, Food and Veterinary Sciences, 4th in the UK for Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy, 8th in the UK for Law (REF 2021/ Times Higher Education) with this comes the added benefit that Belfast has the lowest cost of living in the UK. Hence, it’s easy to say that this works as an added benefit for students who are looking to cut their prices to a minimum.

There are several scholarships available to students who choose to study in Belfast. Students can apply for the Erasmus Scholarship and the Mary Peters Internship Scheme. Both of these schemes provide students with funding to cover living costs while they study in Northern Ireland.

Where to go and what to do

When you live in Northern Ireland, you will undoubtedly have a broad scope of activities that can be done. The Titanic museum is a great day trip; Giants causeway is another excellent day trip; Belfast also has a pleasant shopping opportunity and loads of great restaurants plus a few great castles. The Belfast castle can be found on Antrim road. It is an excellent castle with many cat objects in and around it. The local community is very proud of their castle, which is understandable when you visit the castle. The court contains much information about the history of Belfast and Northern Ireland. The castle is open during the week but closed on weekends. There are also several other courts in this area, including Carrickfergus castle, Dunluce Castle and Glenarm Castle. These sites offer great opportunities for sightseeing and can be found on the internet if you want more details about them.

The employment rate in Northern Ireland

The employment rate in Northern Ireland is low. The unemployment rate is currently at 6.9%, higher than the population of the UK with an average of 5.5%. This has to do with the local benefits and how there is still a lot of unemployment in Northern Ireland. However, the local economy is improving over time, and it is expected that this rate will go down even more in the coming years.

Parties and dining out

laverys belfast

When you want to go out to a nice restaurant in Belfast, we advise you to take a look at the menus of the restaurants first. Many restaurants have a fixed-price menu that allows you to eat for a low price. If you want to go out with friends or family, we recommend going to one of the many pubs in Belfast. The Belfast Telegraph. This local newspaper will tell you which places to go and what the best dishes are in town. There are also some good parties happening in Belfast, and you can always find out where they happen by looking online. The local cuisine. There are a lot of restaurants that serve traditional Irish food, and you can find something for everyone.
Regarding drinks, Ireland is famous for its Guinness beer, and we recommend that you try it out when you visit Belfast. If you want something different, there are also good wine bars in the city center. The first one is the Crown Liquor Saloon, a great place for a nice meal and some drinks with your friends. They have excellent Irish food that you can order, and they also have a fantastic selection of beers on draught. If you want to go somewhere fancier, we suggest you look at Lagan Weir or Harland & Wolff, where they serve excellent food in an atmosphere that makes you feel like royalty. The menu before you go in. It is not that the food is terrible, but it can be pretty expensive and not what you would expect for the price. However, if you are looking for a place where you can have a nice meal with friends or family, plenty of options are available. If you want to make sure that you get some excellent value for your money, then we would advise you to take a look at The Merchant Hotel, which has two Michelin Stars and was rated as one of the best restaurants in Ireland by TripAdvisor.

Ice hockey in Belfast

Belfast Giants

The Belfast giants are the local ice hockey team and play in the Odyssey Arena. If you are a fan of ice hockey, then this is the place to be on a Friday night as they put on some great shows. The tickets can be pretty pricey, so if you want to save some money, then we would advise you to take advantage of their family tickets which allow up to four people in for only £25. and they play at the Odyssey Arena, which is also home to Belfast’s basketball team. If you are a sports fan, this is one of the best places in Belfast where you can watch a game and cheer on your favorite team. They are a top-rated team in the city. They have won many awards over the years and are one of the top teams in Ireland. If you want to see them play, we recommend going to a game as soon as possible because tickets are always sold out, and tickets can be hard to get hold of. They play their home games in the Odyssey Arena. They are part of the Elite Ice Hockey League, which means they compete against some of the best European teams, including those from England, Scotland, and Wales. , who play in the Elite Ice Hockey League. They are the most successful team in the league, having won nine league titles and three Cup wins since 2003. The team also has a loyal following, with some games broadcast live on BBC Radio Ulster and UTV.

Weekend getaways in Northern Ireland

When you want to go on a weekend getaway with the northern Irish train, you can visit Portrush, a seaside resort that has been voted one of the best places in Northern Ireland to go on a weekend getaway. The town is famous for its beautiful beaches and lovely walks along the coast. Visitors can enjoy many activities, including surfing, rock climbing, and sailing. One of the best places to stay is Macrory B&B which has rooms overlooking the beachfront and an outdoor hot tub with views over the sea. You can also visit Portrush in the winter to enjoy the fun of a traditional Northern Irish Christmas. There are plenty of hotels where you can stay, including The Haven and Glengad Guesthouse. The town also has a large number of restaurants and pubs where you can enjoy fish and chips or steak and ale pie. One of the best places to visit is The North Coast 500, a route that runs along Northern Ireland’s coastline from Giants Causeway to the very tip of Scotland. The course has several attractions that you can stop off at, including Bushmills Distillery, Dunluce Castle, and the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. The famous Giant’s Causeway is also on this route, made up of hexagonal basalt rock columns stretching out into the sea. If you are looking for a family break, then Ballycastle is the perfect place to go. The town has many attractions that children will enjoy, including the Ulster Wildlife Zoo, which has over 300 animals worldwide in their natural habitats. They also have an aquarium, playgrounds, and an indoor play area where children can let off steam after a busy day exploring the zoo.

Northern Ireland getaway

The town also has a sandy beach perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The North Coast 500 route is one of the most scenic drives in Ireland and passes some of the most spectacular cultural coastal scenery on the island. If you are looking for a green adventure holiday, this is definitely for you.

Music and music festivals in Northern Ireland

Regarding music and festivals, Northern Ireland is rich in diversity, and there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for classical music, rock and roll, or jazz, Northern Ireland has it all. Belfast has several excellent music festivals that take place throughout the year, including the EastSide Arts Festival in June. This is a four-day festival that celebrates the arts and culture of Belfast. The festival takes place in the EastSide area of the city and features a variety of performances, including music, dance, drama, and poetry. The EastSide Arts Festival is one of the largest festivals in Belfast and is attended by more than 20,000 people each year. The festival features performances from local artists and those from around the globe. There are also workshops available for children and adults to participate in during the festival. Another great festival is the comedy arts festival The festival is three days long and features stand-up comedy performances from professional comedians from around the world. The festival also includes workshops for aspiring comedians and a competition for local comics in Belfast.

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