I’m Arnjen Joosten.

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technology is my passion

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In high school i started to be interested in technology and multimedia. Here i started my career and life into digital media. I created my first website for a school project and was totally hooked on technology and started acquiring more and more knowledge and took more and more steps that lead me all to the place where i am today.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced Digital Marketer &
Crypto maximalist.

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At the moment i am expanding my work life into more blockchain projects. I am always open to negotiate and brainstorm about new potential activities and colaborations

Work Experience.

8+ years working experience in digital marketing, worked my way up to higher management for the digital marketing departments of multinationals.


My background is in I.T. with a small affinity in management and accounting.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


digital marketing

Influencing a products performance based on the digital perception of the customer



Managing a team of professionals keeps me on my toes to perform in the best possible way myself.



Influencing the search visibility of products through Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness

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In my spare time i keep myself busy reading, writing and learning new technologies and spending time with family and friends.


I like to travel when i have the possibility. I enjoy being surrounded by vibrant cities full of activities ready to be done when i have some spare moment.


The books i prefer  read are books tat dive deeper in human interaction and the social parts of us humans in general, i also read books focusing on tech.


Some of my favorite movies are 10.000BC, Catch me if you can, Hackers, Wanted, Venom. I basically like comedies, action and super hreo movies.


My music preferences reach far from jazz to hip hop and from techno to beethoven. The only music that i personally cannot enjoy is drum n bass.

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